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Falling Demands Of Dwarka Escorts

Things don’t look very right for dwarka escorts as the business is going downhill every day. The once popular call girls in dwarka have failed to draw any new clients in the recent months and from what it appears many have seemed dissatisfied with the services. If things go in the same way like they are going the entire business may end up in tatters. Therefore, it is essential to get back the faith of the customers that this escort service once boasted of. There are a variety of reasons that can be attributed to this downfall and some of them talk about the external factors at play.

Failing Health Of Female Escorts Dwarka Delhi

Many of the female escorts dwarka Delhi have had poor health of late as a result of which their performance at work has decreased. Clients were left disappointed when the escorts refused to give them an extra hour of free service and charged them with the same price that they used to previously. The clients seldom understand about the bad health of the escorts and only want their value for money. The word has now spread that the escorts here are not performing as well as they used to, which has caused the entire business to incur a heavy loss. Possible advertisements in newspapers must be printed as soon as possible if the escorts need their business to flourish again.

Failing Health Of Female Escorts Dwarka Delhi

Many of the independent dwarka escorts have decided to resign from the escort duties and have taken up the jobs of waitresses and bartenders at the local restaurants and pubs. They feel that an escort service leaves them open to all kinds of illegal tasks as a result of which their self respect was being harmed. They also came to the conclusion that the money they earned from the escort business was little when compared to their efforts at work. They have been rewarded with a better pay by working as bartenders and waitresses. This has not only helped them to raise their monthly salaries but also allowed them a sense of security and satisfaction. They can now safely keep their belongings in a locker in the change room and perform their duties. Earlier however, their belongings lay open as a result of which chances of thefts were high. They have also preserved their self respect in the eyes of many of dwarka’s inhabitants and therefore are treated better than what they were used to earlier.

Threats to Independent escorts in dwarka

The increasing number of crimes in dwarka has made the girls think twice before accompanying a client to their residences. There have also been threats reported by the police to independent escorts in dwarka. Many have been threatened by the local ruffians staying in the slums in the outskirts of dwarka. This has made things worse for the managers of the escort service as they too have refused to carry on with their duties. It is quite unfortunate that the business is passing through such a difficult time.

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