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Hauz Khas Escorts And Their Illegal Business

Hauz Khas escorts have started some serious drug dealing in the recent times. The marijuana is imported from the Arabian countries of Saudi Arabia and Jordan. The drug dealing might have been going on for a long time, but recent complaints by some of the clients in the escort services have brought out the clearer picture. The police have assured deeper investigation and were on the case immediately. The prompt action taken by the police may help to solve the case sooner than expected. The police have decided to find the primary factor to the illegal trading of drugs among the escorts. It looks to be seen whether the escorts act as intermediate agents to pass the drug to other customers or take the drug themselves. A planned approach must be taken to successfully solve the case.

Independent Escorts In Hauz Khas And Their Opinions

Some of the independent escorts in Hauz Khas have denied the charges by referring to alibis. They say that the complaints regarding the particular dates do not match with their situational activities. They hinted at the fact that they were not in the city when the complaint was lodged and were out of town for special duties. This further makes the case confusing as it is to be determined first whether they are speaking the truth. According to the local men of the town, the independent Hauz Khas escorts have often been seen purchasing powder packets from some of the mafias who come to visit Hauz Khas. This has somehow made the case unclear as the main culprits keep themselves hidden among the common throng of people.

Call Girls In Hauz Khas Who Were Questioned

Some of the call girls in Hauz Khas who were questioned regarding the recent unfolding of events had denied any possession of drugs and narcotics. They clearly stated that they were clean from the inside just as they are from the outside and never resorted to any kind of drug dealing. They in turn blame the men of the area by coming to the conclusion that the men have turned a crooked eye towards them because they refused to offer them free services. The case would get more entangled if it is found that the call girls were speaking the truth. The police need to take up a stand and start their investigation from there. They must release some of their spies in the open marketplace and roads where any kind of illegal drug trading can be reported and caught.

Female Escorts Hauz Khas Delhi And Their Falsifications

It is very clear that the female escorts Hauz Khas Delhi are lying about their involvement with the drug dealers. They now fear that their job and life are at stake. They somehow are trying their best to avert the police’s gaze and waiting for the case to get dissolved in the court. Some of these women have refused to continue their escort service because of the fear of exposure.

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